Excerpt from a review: "Interesting worlds, well thought out futuristic technology, mystery, a touch of romance, and an unexpected twist at the end."


Born 1952 in West Yorkshire and have gradually migrated north-west ever since. Any further and I'm in the Irish Sea so guess this is where I'm staying now! Life-long reader of science fiction though the day job now precludes much reading, being a self-employed computer repair guy. Moonbeams came to me in a flash (is that a pun?) some 30 years ago and has fought to see the light of day ever since - surviving several total re-writes through incompatible computers (the day job would have helped then, but I wasn't as 'into' technology at that time!) and even a stressful divorce. The support of the new (and final!) lady in my life has also helped kick-start my venture into publishing, and she also did the cover - thanks a ton Anne, couldn't have done it without you :-)

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