Excerpt from a review: "Interesting worlds, well thought out futuristic technology, mystery, a touch of romance, and an unexpected twist at the end."

Thursday 19 July 2012

Why can't they get on?

From: Admiral Stern
Subject: Why can't they get on?

Well that's decided then, no more multiple settlements on any planet if they can't get on with each other. Would have thought they'd want to cooperate but no, fights over 'who gets to farm and hunt where' have already started. Can't be helped now and the three settlements on Halcyon are just going to have to work it out but from now on it's one per planet.

Sunday 29 April 2012

Planet Ahoy!

From: Brenda Jameson
Subject: Planet Ahoy!

Got my first glimpse of the planet that's going to be my new home from now on. Just a dot on a screen but it's 'my' dot and that makes it special. Will be glad to get there and stretch my legs at last - it's got grass that you can run on for miles apparently!!

Sunday 22 April 2012

Will this ever work?

From: Jan Oremus
Subject: Will this ever work?

How many days and nights have I wracked my brains over this one? Too many I think and time to call it a day, the Hyperdrive is just incompatible with live cargo so our dreams of galactic expansion are necessarily going to be long ones. Good news about the initial survey of our local galactic area though.

First one!

From: Admiral Stern
Subject: First One!

Well who'd have believed it? After all the years mankind had dreamed of living in the stars we've finally made it happen. Our first settlement on a planet other than Earth.